Saturday, September 25, 2004


This is bollocks, obviously
Under John Rees the Socialist Workers Party is relentlessly being refashioned into a vehicle to promote left populism. But many SWP members are unhappy and a few seem to be actively contemplating rebellion.

Externally, the Rees regime means crass electoralism - “a popular, radical alternative to neoliberalism and war”, in his words (Socialist Worker September 19). Fearing anything that might bring temporary unpopularity, the SWP has retreated from taking a definite principled stand on issues as diverse as a workers’ representative receiving a worker’s wage, opposition to all immigration controls, republicanism and supporting abortion rights. Lowest common denominator unity and making it as councillors and MPs is all that counts...

Some leading SWPers fear that comrade Rees in particular has ‘gone native’ in Respect - we have even been told that Rob Hoveman is amongst them. Reportedly he wants to quit as Respect organiser (permission was denied). Certainly the way John Rees and Lindsey German excitedly contrast the ‘new’ coalition to the ‘boring’ old left is being used as prima facia evidence of an opportunist metamorphosis.

It is easy to see why. For example, in the September 18 issue of Socialist Worker, comrade Rees says: “Respect has always done best … when it organises in ways that the traditional left has not.” He goes on to cite some examples: In Hartlepool, Respect football supporters are apparently “organising to hold up ‘Vote John Bloom’ placards at the match”. In Islington, “Respect is sponsoring a showing of Ken Loach’s Navigators” and in Birmingham, the local Respect organised a “Picnic for Peace in a local park”, with stalls, a barbecue and “inflatable castle”. In the same vein, the comrade lauds the experience of “the Italian left”, with its “long tradition of street festivals and cultural activities” which “Respect should replicate in this country”...

Again, this is nonsense. Cultural activities and political meetings should not be counterposed. They can and ought to complement each other. But serious political meetings should come first. Without them Respect’s membership cannot learn from each other, cannot think critically and cannot even begin to challenge the leadership. Clearly what the Rees-German partnership intend. Politics is to be for them and their chosen circle alone. They will flatter, bargain with, and manage the celebrities: George Galloway, Yvonne Ridley, Ken Loach, Mark Serwotka, etc. Meanwhile the rank and file is expected to get on with the donkey work of dishing out leaflets, raising the money and canvassing. Their reward for all the hard work is effectively to be a version of bread and circuses ... picnics and peace festivals.

The SWP once boasted of 10,000 members and Socialist Worker sales of 30,000. Very unlikely, even in the mid-1970s. Our estimate for dues-paying membership today would be around 2,000. But in terms of active members it surely cannot be more than a 1,000. A figure given credence by Respect’s own claim that it has notched up 3,500 paper members. Weekly Shirker Number 545
Lying bastard filthy scum Stalinist pig-dogs (except for Uncle George of course). Lindsey's fuckin' spitting! She's been in the phone booth on the Kilburn High Road screaming at people all afternoon.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Friends of Lenny continued

Another friend of mine is a guy called RastaDave. He likes his reggae music and stuff because that shows how 'down' he is. Oh, i nearly forgot he also hates Jews. He thinks they are dirty and smelly because they are the cause of all that is wrong in the world. He has these great ideas on things, like for instance that the BNP is an organisation that is funded and controlled by the NAZIJEWS. He's amazing! He likes the nice suicide martyrs as well. You know, the ones who kill the JEWS and then go to heaven for the virgins and grapes and some other stuff that I forget at the moment. I bet he's rooting for those holding the evil children in Russia hostage right now as well. They will probably be JEWS anyway so that'll be OK. You have to admit he's certainly radical isn't he? He's been over at that horrible Labour voting person's blog called Erictheblair or something today leavung comments as usual. I bet he's talking about how he isn't a NAZI but the JEWS are evil again. Not that he seems fixated or anything you understand.

Sucking the dick of Zizek

Today I thought it would be nice to talk about post-modernism and fucking. I love Slavoj Zizek meself, so I do, to be sure. I found this (below) that I can cut and paste by him so I can show you all how terribly laa dee dah and open minded I am. It's some pretentious crap about fist fucking. I would let him do me right up the tradesman's, if he wanted to that is. My lecturers usually use plenty of lubricant when they do me because I'm a bit tight down there, they do however, give me extra marks in my Magik class.
And, to go a step further, is the practise of fist-fucking not the exemplary case of what Deleuze called the "expansion of a concept"? The fist is put to a new use; the notion of penetration is expanded into the combination of the hand with sexual penetration, into the exploration of the inside of a body. No wonder Foucault, Deleuze's Other, practised fisting: is fist-fucking not the sexual invention of the twentieth century, the first model of postsexual eroticism and pleasure? It is no longer genitalised but focused just on the penetration of the surface, with the role of the phallus being taken over by the hand, the autonomous partial object par excellence. (Slavoj Zizek, Organs Without Bodies: On Deleuze and Consequences, 2004, p 184).