Monday, October 04, 2004

Today Hartlepool, tomorrow the Wetherby Bypass

I will be studying an amazing new subject this term, Magic and Marxism - towards a new synthesis: Marxism as an alternative therapy in a postmodern world. I have done quite a lot of pre-term reading on the theoretical basis of this, and I won't be surprised to see it adopted as policy by the Central Committee. It draws the analogy between Marxism and homeopathic medicines - as you dilute the active ingredients, their effects are greatly enhanced. The results in Hartlepool might look like defeat to the politically naive, but the scarcity of votes indicates a total victory over the fascist bourgeois Zionist scum of Bliar and the fox-fucking party.

As the comrade notes in his comment on the post below, the revolution is a matter of weeks away.

Students of the World unite! You have nothing to lose but your grants!


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