Saturday, August 28, 2004

This guy really bugs me

That fucker Benjamin follows me around like a fucking lost puppy. He's always trying to get me over to his place for tea and chips. He has a huge collection of mouldy old chip-wrappers, and he writes the place and date of purchase on them - I've never been anywhere with such a powerful smell of vinegar. And the smell coming from the chips was quite bad as well.

But anyway, The Revolution is not for the faint of heart. There will come a day when men and women of action will need iron will and steely resolve. When the useful idiots are no longer useful we will give them over to the jihadists. No hard feelings though Benjamin. Nice cup of tea and the saucer was pretty. I'm bringing Lyndsey next time as well. She can talk to your imaginary girlfriend while we sort out the deviationists.

Sunday, August 22, 2004


Except for George of course, coz he's just like an uncle to me. And Joe, his books are sort of cool. And Vyshinsky because he knew how to shoot people like mad dogs. And Beria who knew how to root out bourgeois deviationists. And Molotov who could mix really neat cocktails - I'll have a White Russian thanks Molly.

Friday, August 20, 2004


I have mostly been arguing with David T. Elsewhere, not here.

Announcement (Personal Capacity)

Just to let all of my readers know that I am compassionate, sensitive and intelligent. If you don't think so fuck off and die cuntfaces. I also want the OCCUPATION to fail in IRAQ cos that's how Iraq will succeed. We got to this position in the unfolding of history through magic of course. I waved my Harry Potter wand and Saddam disappeared.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Friends of LENNY (an occasional series)

My Serbian friend Stinky (Slobbo) Raoul has been busy posting comments at the Nazi site known as Harry's Place today. Have I mentioned that I hate fucking Nazis, they're right cunts aren't they? Raoul's not a Nazi of course. He uses words like 'oppression' and stuff like that so that means he's clearly a LENINIST Like me and not a Nazi. He's to be found a lot at Medialens which is a great place to talk about music and fantasies about the future revolution that we will all lead of course, and stuff with the other students, like what posters of our heroes and heroines (not drugs) are we allowed in our halls of residence and which are ruled out by the CENTRAL COMMITTEE. We also like to be rude to anyone who we disagree with, state an opinion and then cite our own media echoes. We don't believe in that bourgeois thinking that says in order to convince you must think for yourself and present original thoughts as apposite others. Our thoughts needn't contain facts in evidence just rambling conspiracies will do. Here he is answering a point raised by someone there the other day. See how clever he is. He's greeeaaat and he's my mate. Brilliant!

they may be nazi sympathisers, but i don't think they're nazis, or if they are i'm not sure what the word means, which was why i asked you to define it.

See! Fucking great.

Forthcoming: LENNY vs...

Lenny vs Fascist Tealadies
Lenny vs Alex Callinicos (well not really, joke debate)
Lenny vs Mark Thatcher
Lenny vs Dannii Minogue
Lenny vs Student Fees for SWP members
Lenny vs The Zionist Papal conspiracy
Lenny vs Zionist Wiccan
Lenny vs Zionist Scientology
Lenny vs Zionist Jehovah's Witnesses
Lenny vs Zionist Moonies
Lenny vs Zionist Hare Krishna
Lenny vs Zionist Rastafarianism (except DMan because he's really confused)
Lenny vs Zionist Zoroastrianism
Lenny vs Zionist Agnostics
Lenny vs Zionist Satanism
Lenny vs Zionist Atheism
Lenny vs Zionist Secular Humanism
Lenny vs Zionist Mormon Evangelists


It's come to my attention that someone has been claiming to be me and is even directing people to a spoof blog which is taking the piss. The nazis at Harry's place are even getting in on the act. This is another example of the ZIONISTS and their AMERRIKKAN allies conspiring to prevent the TRUTH coming out by attempting to sow confusion in the glorious ranks of the WORKERS' Soviets!. It's all about the fucking OIL isn't it. How can people be so blind! The person responsible for this even reckons that he could do a better job of this blog himself!!!!! What a cunt eh? I find myself in complete agreement with DR when he says:
There's not much there to hold my interest, really. Maybe some of
what's written means something to you, but most of it seems to be
nonsense to me.
Fucking right on comrade! And my mate Jaz has also chipped in with something as well
its pretty obvious he's taking the piss.still, at least you're getting
noticed enough to get imitated in some form.
Again, how right you are. What a fucking compliment eh! Wait till I tell the Central Committee. I will have the pick of the latest student recruits to do with what I want. HA! HA!


What to do in the event of Revolution - Central Committee Directive

Now come on ladies - form an orderly queue now. There's plenty of me to go around, and I have been getting plenty of practice, sitting watching Trisha every day and Kilroy until he got taken off air for being a revolutionary, or something, as part of the Zionist conspiracy to manipulate ALL of us through manufacturing consent.The revolution waits for no man, but I can squeeze you in for 17 seconds each, and if you wouldn't mind keeping your socks on. As a gesture of respect for all of her years as a hero of the struggle, I think it's only fair that Lindsey should go first.

Mr Lover Lover

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I see that Gene at that Fucking place of Harry has been spouting off his Fascist crap again. Why doesn't he just fuck off? What a fascista! Fuck me. How dare he criticise a democratically elected leader. That BUSHITLER wasn't elected BY ANYBODY! He stole the election and AMERIK KA KA KA isn't even a democracy! All the people there are horrible and fat and everybody there should just fuck off and die! In fact I'm going to watch a really, really good comedian who is American, but that's alright because he tells jokes about people in Amerikkka being fat and stupid and dying in buildings that are very tall. So that's ok. My mate Benjamin also reckons that Amerrikka isn't a democracy but it probably doesn't matter because even if AMERIK KA KA KA was a democracy then BUSHITLER would have still stolen the election. Because he's a NAZI. I hope that nice Mr Kerry gets in because he will do everything differently but he will have to STEAL the election (that's the election that doesn't really happen) if he wants to win it. But that will be alright because he's not BUSHITLER!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Going Back to My Roots

Now that I'm so friendly and on good terms with the Jihadists I've decided to go the whole hog (oops unfortunate turn of phrase there) and return to my own theological roots. These groups are only wanting to express their own religious beliefs without that Nazi womaniser Blunkett putting all of them in jail. There's nothing wrong with being religous AND being a TRUE Leninist you know because Lenin said it. I think. Somehere. There isn't any contradiction in that. And even if there was, so fucking what. I'll say and do what I want. We cadres in the SWP can do that. Okay --- apart from read books that aren't Okayed by the Central Committee of course. Or use email.

Victory to the anti-imperialist Islamofascist freedom fighters

Who is al-Sadr? Well he may be ultra-conservative and a reactionary and have very bad teeth but he's better than BUSHITLER. I love Islamofascists me. That's what TRUE Bolsheviks think like because BUSH is a real Fascist but I'm anti-fascist and they are errmm, well at least they're not as bad as BUSHITLER.

Wot I'm Currently Reading

Just got back from the library and have been reading a book. It was a hardback but you know what?

Being a student is really hard these days with BLIARS student fees and having to attend my 3 lectures per week. Well I can't stay and do anything here cos I'm so fucking busy all the time organising the revolution for the workers and the Islamists (who are very good progressives really) but here is something I've cut and pasted for you.

Stalin, “From a Speech to the Commission of the 2nd All-Union Congress of Collective Farm Shockworkers,” 15 February, 1935, I. V. Stalin: Socheneniia, vol 14, Stanford: Hoover Institution, 1967, pp. 53 - 54.

If you want to strengthen the artel, if you want to have a massive collective farm movement, which must embrace millions of farms, and not ones and hundreds, if you want this to get this, then under present conditions you must necessarily take into account the individual interests of the collective farmers as well as their general interests…

You are by no means considering the individual interests of the collective farmers, when you say that no more than one tenth of a hectare [private] plot of ground to is given to a collective farmer. Some think that it is impossible to give a cow, others think that it is impossible to give a sow. In general you want to squeeze the collective farmer. This action will not come off. This is incorrect.

You people are the vanguard. I understand that you are very concerned about the collective farm system, about the collective farm economy. But are all collective farmers really like you? You are already a minority in the collective farm. The majority thinks somewhat differently. Is it necessary to take them into account or not? I think that they must be taken into account.

[54] If you still have in the artels no abundance of products and you are not able to give individual collective farmers and their families all that they need, then the collective farm cannot take on itself to satisfy both social needs and individual ones. Then it is better to say directly that such and such area of work is social, and such and such is individual. It is better to admit directly, openly, and honestly that the collective farmer must have his individual farm [khoziaistvo], small, but individual. It is better to proceed from what an artel farm is: social, big, large-scale and decisive, necessary for satisfaction of social needs, and at the same time what a small individual farm is: necessary for the satisfaction of individual needs, necessary for the satisfaction of the individual needs of the collective farmer. As soon as there are families, children, individual needs and individual tastes, then it is impossible not consider them. And you do not have the right not to consider them with the individual household interests of the collective farmers. Without this it is impossible to consolidate the collective farms.

The combination of the individual interests of the collective farmers with the social interests of the collective farms – that is the key to consolidating the collective farms.

Tony Bliar

What a cunt. I wish someone would kill him. What a liar. And don't get me started on that Bushitler.


I notice that certain misguided radicals are praising the Zionist “comedian” Sasha Baron Cohen for making fun of Americans in his latest programme, The Borat Show. This is dangerously naive. Like Baron Cohen’s previous creation, Ali G, Borat functions to convey an essentially anti-Islamic and therefore racist and anti-socialist message. Every time he mocks anti-Semites he implicitly endorses Sharon’s genocidal plans for the Occupied Territories, and also absolves Americans of their guilt for worldwide imperialist atrocities by making it permissible to find them amusing rather than frightening. There can be no excuse for this and I am fucking annoyed at Channel 4, the TV station of the anti-war movement, for showing such propaganda on behalf of the liberal racist agenda.


I hope you’ve all been enjoying my long posts about liberalism at my other blog. Cutting and pasting large chunks of my term papers takes a lot less time than cutting and pasting articles from the Socialist Worker. It also gives the Central Committee the useful impression that I’ve read a few books that aren’t on the party’s reading list. (They don’t need to know that I’ve just copied out the bits my philosophy tutor recommended to the class.) Perhaps now they’ll start taking me as seriously as I take myself? After all, I have been in the party for more than six months, so I am a veteran member, and being a student surely makes me an ideal spokesperson for the comrades. Just how many more times do I have to blog about the “success of the anti-war movement” before they give me my own column in the Socialist Review?

Monday, August 16, 2004


Fuck you.