Thursday, December 09, 2004


What? It's December already? That can't be right, I still have term papers to colour in. Fuck me, I had better get a move on. After the incident at the non-corporate, non-capitalist, anti-Zionist Burger King, when an agent from that rag I wouldn't even use to wipe my shit-splatters, yes Weekly Worker, tried to murder me with a booby-trapped bacon roll, and I pissed down my leg like a two year old only to be rescued by a fucking pig, I have identified a shadowy and sinister conspiracy to silence the voice of democracy and freedom which is the Socialist Workers Party.
The evidence for this is seen in the Weekly Worker's shamelessly fabricated report of the Socialist Workers Party conference, which was not held at Islington Green. It was held in a location so secret that the Central Committee did not inform the rank and file of the venue until after the conference had concluded. With agents of the bourgeoisie everywhere, secrecy is more important than ever to the cause of democracy.


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