Thursday, September 02, 2004

Friends of Lenny continued

Another friend of mine is a guy called RastaDave. He likes his reggae music and stuff because that shows how 'down' he is. Oh, i nearly forgot he also hates Jews. He thinks they are dirty and smelly because they are the cause of all that is wrong in the world. He has these great ideas on things, like for instance that the BNP is an organisation that is funded and controlled by the NAZIJEWS. He's amazing! He likes the nice suicide martyrs as well. You know, the ones who kill the JEWS and then go to heaven for the virgins and grapes and some other stuff that I forget at the moment. I bet he's rooting for those holding the evil children in Russia hostage right now as well. They will probably be JEWS anyway so that'll be OK. You have to admit he's certainly radical isn't he? He's been over at that horrible Labour voting person's blog called Erictheblair or something today leavung comments as usual. I bet he's talking about how he isn't a NAZI but the JEWS are evil again. Not that he seems fixated or anything you understand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate that Eric Blair. Smug git thinks he's clever. Road to Wigan Pier my arse! Counter-revolutionary shithead!

September 4, 2004 at 8:57 AM  

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