Thursday, August 19, 2004

Friends of LENNY (an occasional series)

My Serbian friend Stinky (Slobbo) Raoul has been busy posting comments at the Nazi site known as Harry's Place today. Have I mentioned that I hate fucking Nazis, they're right cunts aren't they? Raoul's not a Nazi of course. He uses words like 'oppression' and stuff like that so that means he's clearly a LENINIST Like me and not a Nazi. He's to be found a lot at Medialens which is a great place to talk about music and fantasies about the future revolution that we will all lead of course, and stuff with the other students, like what posters of our heroes and heroines (not drugs) are we allowed in our halls of residence and which are ruled out by the CENTRAL COMMITTEE. We also like to be rude to anyone who we disagree with, state an opinion and then cite our own media echoes. We don't believe in that bourgeois thinking that says in order to convince you must think for yourself and present original thoughts as apposite others. Our thoughts needn't contain facts in evidence just rambling conspiracies will do. Here he is answering a point raised by someone there the other day. See how clever he is. He's greeeaaat and he's my mate. Brilliant!

they may be nazi sympathisers, but i don't think they're nazis, or if they are i'm not sure what the word means, which was why i asked you to define it.

See! Fucking great.


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