Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I see that Gene at that Fucking place of Harry has been spouting off his Fascist crap again. Why doesn't he just fuck off? What a fascista! Fuck me. How dare he criticise a democratically elected leader. That BUSHITLER wasn't elected BY ANYBODY! He stole the election and AMERIK KA KA KA isn't even a democracy! All the people there are horrible and fat and everybody there should just fuck off and die! In fact I'm going to watch a really, really good comedian who is American, but that's alright because he tells jokes about people in Amerikkka being fat and stupid and dying in buildings that are very tall. So that's ok. My mate Benjamin also reckons that Amerrikka isn't a democracy but it probably doesn't matter because even if AMERIK KA KA KA was a democracy then BUSHITLER would have still stolen the election. Because he's a NAZI. I hope that nice Mr Kerry gets in because he will do everything differently but he will have to STEAL the election (that's the election that doesn't really happen) if he wants to win it. But that will be alright because he's not BUSHITLER!


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