Thursday, August 19, 2004


It's come to my attention that someone has been claiming to be me and is even directing people to a spoof blog which is taking the piss. The nazis at Harry's place are even getting in on the act. This is another example of the ZIONISTS and their AMERRIKKAN allies conspiring to prevent the TRUTH coming out by attempting to sow confusion in the glorious ranks of the WORKERS' Soviets!. It's all about the fucking OIL isn't it. How can people be so blind! The person responsible for this even reckons that he could do a better job of this blog himself!!!!! What a cunt eh? I find myself in complete agreement with DR when he says:
There's not much there to hold my interest, really. Maybe some of
what's written means something to you, but most of it seems to be
nonsense to me.
Fucking right on comrade! And my mate Jaz has also chipped in with something as well
its pretty obvious he's taking the piss.still, at least you're getting
noticed enough to get imitated in some form.
Again, how right you are. What a fucking compliment eh! Wait till I tell the Central Committee. I will have the pick of the latest student recruits to do with what I want. HA! HA!


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